Capacitive equipment

Capacitive equipment

The devices are designed for receiving, storing, processing and dispensing aggressive, toxic and non-toxic, explosive and non-explosive and other liquid and gaseous products under overpressure up to 25 Mpa (250 kg/cm2) and temperatures from -2100C to +7000C, as well as at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum in chemical, petrochemical, food and other industries.

Column devices

Welded steel column apparatuses with different types of contact devices (plates) are designed to carry out the processes of rectification, absorption, desorption, cooling and purification of gases in chemical and other industries. Column apparatuses are made of carbon steels, nickel- and molybdenum-containing ligated steels, as well as alloys 06KHN, 28MDT, KHN65MV, titanium VT1-0.

Separation equipment

Separation equipment is designed to purify natural and associated petroleum gas from liquids and mechanical impurities in industrial gas treatment plants for transportation, compressor stations of main gas pipelines, underground storage facilities and oil and gas processing plants and other industries.